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Lehrveranstaltung im Wintersemester 2014/2015

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Robert Jäschke
  • Dates and Rooms: Tuesday 01:45 PM, Appelstraße 4, auditorium 235 (lecture), Tuesday 10:00 AM, Appelstraße 4, auditorium 235 (exercise)
  • Start: October 13, 2014 (lecture), October 20, 2014 (exercise)
  • Material: slides and exercise sheets


Formal Concept Analysis deals with the extraction and exploration of concepts and concept hierarchies from data. The methods presented in this module are suitable for data analysis and knowledge acquisition. In particular, a structuring of the concepts using (specialization) hierarchies, different visualization techniques and several algorithms for exploring the attribute space are presented.

Topics of the lecture are:

  • concept lattices
  • conceptual scaling
  • closure systems, the NextClosure algorithm and the TITANIC algorithm
  • implications and the stem base
  • attribute exploration
  • iceberg concept lattices and association rules
  • triadic formal concept analysis, including the TRIAS algorithm
  • applications of formal concept analysis


On completion of this lecture, you will be able to

  • understand concept lattices
  • interpret (scale) multi-valued contexts as one-valued contexts
  • read and understand concept lattice diagrams
  • compute a concept lattice from a formal context
  • draw a concept lattice diagram
  • calculate implications of a formal context
  • infer implications
  • calculate pseudo-intents and the stem basis
  • understand and apply the algorithms NextClosure, TITANIC, and TRIAS
  • read and understand diagrams of triadic formal concept lattices
  • know applications of formal concept analysis

Recommended Literature

Recommended Prerequisite Knowledge

The module presumes elementary mathematical foundations as, for example, acquired through an introductory module on mathematics at undergraduate level.

Lecture Notes

You can find the lecture notes on my personal page.