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Topics in Data Mining (Seminar)


Each semester we will focus on a specific data mining topic; this semester we will focus on data stream mining.

Topic for this semester: Data stream mining

Modern data are produced continuously and at high speed. Examples include network traffic, mobile calls, GPS traces, social media content, customer transactions, click streams etc.  Data Mining and knowledge extraction in such dynamic environments is much more challenging comparing to traditional batch or static learning as the algorithms should be able to incorporate new data and discard outdated information from the data mining models. In this seminar, we will focus on methods and algorithms for data stream mining. 

ECTS points: 3


  • Lecture: 
    • Kick-off meeting: Wednesday 06.04.2016, 17:00 - 17:45.
    • There are no regular class meetings, only personal on demand meetings to discuss on your paper.

  • Room: 1526, Appelstr. 9A, 15. OG (Building: 3408)

Teaching Team

!!! Please check the Stud.IP page for announcements, slides  and up-to-date information on the seminar.